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Fri, Apr 5, 2019

Talk at INC2019

IEEE International Nanodevices and Computing Conference (INC) | 3-5 April 2019 • Grenoble, France

At the IEEE Conference on Rebooting Computing (part of the IEEE International Nanodevices and Computing Conference  - INC), S Vassanelli has presented the vision of the SYNCH project with the talk "Connecting Silicon and Brain Neurons with Memristive Synapses".

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Connecting Silicon & Brain Neurons: Neuromorphic Computing - Stefano Vassanelli at INC 2019

Stefano Vassanelli, University of Padova, presents his talk on using memristive synapses to connect and interface to the human brain with neuroelectronic recording and simulation devices. Vassanelli shares his perspective from the medical field, including clinical scenarios, and explores the concepts and data behind this neuromorphic technology.